Multi-Functional Kitchen Slicer

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The Multi-Functional Kitchen Slicer is the perfect kitchen accessory for any household. This amazing tool is nothing less than magical!

It can do so many things! The different blades support many types of cutting styles so you have control over how your foods are sliced and diced. There are 6 different blades to work with!

Right now, this non-toxic, food-grade Multi-Functional Kitchen Slicer is on SALE!

Package includes:

  • 1 x Protective handholder
  • 1 x Hold board
  • 6 x Interchangeable shred board
  • 1 x Storage box

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Rhonda Whitemore

This is the BEST Multi-Functional Kitchen Slicer ever! I've worked in professional kitchens all of my life and this one of the best slicers I've ever used. 5-stars!


Amanda Jones

Wow! I'm so glad I found this accessory! It works great. I enjoy slicing potatoes with it for French fries.


Terri Smith

Such a cool kitchen tool! I can't believe how affordable this Multi-Functional Kitchen Slicer is!. Ships fast, too.


Jillian F.

Everyone who likes to slice and dice their food in unique ways should get the Multi-Functional Kitchen Slicer. It works amazingly well.


Aaron Perkins

I'll never go back to using a knife for slicing food again! The Multi-Functional Kitchen Slicer is so convenient!