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Are you sick and tired of opening up a bag of chips or popcorn and having them go stale before you can finish them? Oxygen starts the spoiling process of food. The Bodi Sealer keeps all air out of your food packages and allows your yummies to stay fresh, longer!

Our gadget is very easy to use and it SAVES YOU MONEY. Think about the amount of cash you've tossed into the trash via spoiled food? The Bodi Sealer can change all of that. Plus, you won't have chip, cracker, popcorn, etc. crumbs all over your cupboards from toppled over bags and packages.


  • Very easy to use and super convenient
  • Can be used on all bags that need to be sealed
  • Keeps your food FRESHER for LONGER
  • Great for home use
  • Very easy to re-seal unused food packages
  • simply slide it along the edge of the bag you wish to seal and that's it!
  • Prevents dirt and mold from accumulating on your food

This is the most innovative kitchen gadget that we have to offer. Now, your food can stay fresher for longer durations. Hooray!

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Lisa Hillsbourough

I was so tired of buying a big bag of chips and only being able to make it through half the bag before the crisps when stale. Ugh! The Bodi Sealer helped change all of that!


Pearl H.

My kids are notoriously infamous for putting cereal back into the cupboard without closing the bags. Not only does the cereal go stale, it spills all over the cupboard. I purchased the Bodi Sealer and can conveniently re-seal the bags up after each serving.


Serene T.

I bought this sealer for my grandpa. He likes to seal his tobacco pouches up. He claims it keeps his stuff fresher.


Danny Gordon

This sealer has been a godsend for my kitchen herbs. I dry my own herbs and wanted to keep them in little packages where they wouldn't be exposed to to much air. The sealer helps me do that.


Erin P.

This sealer is great for dry, shelf stable food and refrigerated packages, alike. I have purchased two sealers, one for the kitchen and one for the camper.