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Once you try out our Electric Wine Opener you'll NEVER go back to standard corkscrews again! Our device is easy and safe to use. Plus, it's very stylish!

Nobody wants to wait around while you try to uncork a wine bottle, manually. Get the party started quickly by removing the cork in a matter of seconds with our electronic opener!


  • Simple Design: The electric corkscrew is very easy to use! The transparent body allows you to see the entire process from start to finish. Plus, you never need to worry about harming yourself on an exposed corkscrew!
  • Durable: Our wine bottle opener is crafted from high-quality stainless steel for that is strong and long-lasting. The auger is made from food-grade material that is safe for humans. The gripper portion of the wine bottle opener is made from silicone so that it feels comfortable in your hand
  • Electric Wine Opener
  • Foil Cutter
  • Wine Spout
  • Vacuum Wine Bottle Stopper


  1. Place the wine opener on the top of the bottle, keep the screw drill on the center of the cork. Make sure that the electric opener remains as straight as possible all the time.
  2. Press the lower button to release the cork out of the drill. Hold the bottle and wine opener firmly, and keep pressing the corkage button until the cork out of the bottle automatically.
  3. Keeps pressing the cork back button until the cork is pulled out.

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Steph Gribble

My sister got me this electric wine opener for my birthday and I LOVE it! I had to track down where she got it from to leave a review. I rarely leave reviews so you know this thing is pretty amazing :)

Tammy Lance

This wine bottle uncorker is the BEST! I enjoy using mine so much that I ordered another to give to my BFF as a present. I love that the corkscrew isn't exposed as those things can seriously hurt a person.

Patty Newman

I'll never, ever go back to a cheap=o manual corkscrew again! This thing works in seconds and it's so much easier to use. Effortless wine bottle opening. Heck, yeah!

Marcie Benson

Awesome product! I use it at the bar I work at almost on a nightly basis. It removes corks insanely fast.


Glenda Rogers

This thing legit opens my wine bottles in seconds! I love it! Very easy to use.